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How to choose the correct strength reader

Choosing the correct strength reader may seem to be a tricky task but at The Reader we have made it as easy as loosing your readers. Follow the step by step instructions below to help you find the perfect strength 

Step 1: Print Our Reading Chart
Click on the link below to print our handy reading chart. When printing be sure to select the "print to size" option. This will ensure accuracy for the sizing of the text

Reading Chart
reader cards[layout]_2.jpg

Step 2: 

Hold the printed reading chart 40cm away from your face or at your desired reading distance. Start reading at the top line and work your way down the chart. The first line that appears blurry will have your ideal magnification listed on the left of the text

Step 3: 

Now that the difficult part is over head on to our Shop page and choose your favorite style and colour reader!!


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