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We are a proudly South African company with our head office and flagship store based in the beautiful and cosmopolitan Cape Town. The Reader single-handedly has made wearing reading glasses, not only functional but comfortable and highly stylish. The company is run by an optometrist and optical dispenser ensuring a balance between form and function.


As a result of the normal physiological process reading glasses are needed due to deterioration of the focusing system within the eye around mid-thirties to forties. Currently in market supply is divided into off-the-shelf cost-effective offers of sometimes unknown quality and bespoke reading glasses. Bespoke reading glasses are supplied by optometrists’ and can be costly. Ready-made off-the-shelf reading glasses are now available in the marketplace and have been the subject of much controversy as far as quality and style is concerned. Quality is often lost to margins and styling often drab. The Reader designs its own styles which are carefully designed to ensure we are in line with the current trends and colours. Styles sit comfortably on the face and are optically correct

TR Anubis Reading glasses
Lady Wearing Reading Glasses



At The Reader, we develop our reading glasses on the principle of Function, Form and Fashion. First and foremost we ensure that our customers are purchasing a reader that is optically comfortable and correct. We view reading glasses as an opportunity to express yourself and accessorise with your outfit for that particular day, whether you are matching to your clothing, jewellery, shoes or tie or simply your personality. Each of our styles comes in a range of colours to ensure that you can always have a reader to match your outfit and suit your mood for that day.

When we develop a new style we look at the world of optical and sunglass frames as well as the current trends in design and colour to ensure we constantly have new fresh styles available in a multitude of colour options

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