My name is Aubrey. I am a psychic entertainer, based in Johannesburg, specialising in the ancient art of Palm Reading.

While my first teachers in Romania and France were real Romani gypsies, I’ve since taken the art form to new heights by adding contempary techniques and science to the blend. Along with my experience in related fields of psychic entertainment, I have crafted what I believe to be a brand new form of entertainment for guests at parties and get-togethers, whether private or corporate.

Since I have also spent a considerable number of my working years in the corporate world, I know what lacks at work parties, “team building” events and other corporate entertainment.

So…let me tell you about yourself… 

I’ve met a ton of entertainers, but he is by far the Leading Palm Reader I’ve come across. Pure genius.

Jacques le Sueur, owner of Fundraising Magic


Palm Reading is unique entertainment at any event. People tend to associate this kind of reading with a spooky lady smelling of incense…but what I do couldn’t be further away from this. What I offer are short (3-5 minutes), entertaining and super accurate readings in one of a couple of modalities:

  1. I set up my table somewhere at your function – in the foyer of the hall or hotel, somewhere in the garden when outside or in a room at your private party. Readings are always out in public and anybody interested are invited to get in line for their own reading. Friends and couples can join together if they want. Trust me, there is never NOT a line – people always want to know about themselves!
  2. Another way of working is similar to what walkabout/strolling magicians do. I work from table to table and read people where they sit. Part of what I have developed enables me to read for groups at a time – so even a full table can experience the intrigue of an entertaining palm reading!
  3. If you are looking for something darker, maybe for a Halloween party or a unique twist to your year end or New Year’s function – we can step it up a notch and I can be a walkabout/strolling fortune teller… Contact me below for more info.

I’m flexible, any of the above can be adapted to suit your needs and imagination. I speak fluent English and Afrikaans and read for people in both languages. I am also very proficient in French if you are entertaining for a French-speaking delegation.

What you get is a fully contained package of intriguing, intimate entertainment for your guests. This is all about them, and it gets them talking.

 This is unique – you will not see this anywhere else in the country.


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